What is “Gazelle,” you might ask? Great question! It’s the name I finally chose for my parsing framework, and I’m really happy with it. It’s in the tradition of Yacc, Bison, ANTLR, Elkhound, etc, but evokes images of fast and graceful. Booyah.

It turns out there’s already a Gazelle Movie Editor, but I contacted the author and we’re cool. The two projects target really different audiences.

Anyway, Gazelle 0.1 is released! Read about it on the Gazelle web page and in the README.

I used Gazelle 0.1 to create a version of recs-collate that is 10-20x faster than the Perl version! My version is here.

So this is all very exciting. It took a little longer than the 1 month I predicted on July 10, but hey, better late than never.

What’s really exciting though is that this book just came in the mail:

This book is awesome. It strikes the perfect balance of “I’ve read 1700 academic papers on the subject and I will summarize them for you” and “I care about things that are actually practical.” I mean to mine this book for the algorithm or algorithms that will best suit my goals for Gazelle.