Hi, I’m Josh and this blog is where I write about technical issues that interest me. I hope you find these entries useful.

I used to think that writers sit down and write when they want to explain something they understand very well. Maybe some writers do this, but for me it’s not like that at all. Usually I write when I’ve discovered something I don’t understand, but want to understand better. The process of writing forces me to research the subject until I have reached the point where I can explain it without making anything up. And as a bonus, I’ve created something I can refer back to later when I forget all the details and want to refresh my memory.

I currently work for Google on the Protocol Buffers team. In the past I worked for Amazon.com, a startup, and a defense contractor. For more information on my background, see my CV on Stack Overflow (I’m not looking to change jobs, but I keep it up to date).

When I’m not programming, I enjoy making music in the Seattle/Portland/Victoria/Vancouver area. I sing regularly in the Byrd Ensemble and do freelance gigs with lots of different groups. My friend Mark and I run a record company Scribe Records. here is my musical CV.